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About Bail Bonds

      A bail bond is an certain amount of money pledged by a bail bondsman that is set by a judge in order to secure a defendants reappearance in court. If the defendant does not reappear in court, the bondsman has a certain amount of time to bring the defendant back into court or custody before they have to pay the bond. That is why most bail bondsman’s require a co-signer to sign on behalf of the defendant to show up at all of there court appearances.

      If someone you know is in jail or is on there way to jail give our service a call to start the process and have a bondsman ready for when they get booked into custody. When you call, the bondsman will ask you some simple questions to start such as: “Where is the defendant in custody?”, ” What is the defendants first and last name?”, ” Do you know the defendants bond amount or charges?”, and so on. This will give the bond agent an idea of what they are looking at for requirements on collateral & co-signers. 99% of the time collateral is not needed, it is usually only needed when there is a higher bond amount of around $50,000 or more.
It takes anywhere from 1 hour and up to 10 hours for some jails to book defendants into jail, so this gives the bail bonding agent and the co-signer some time to figure out all of the requirements needed to post the bond.

After thAbout Bail Bondse defendant is booked into jail and the bondsman and the co-signer have all the requirements needed, the bond agent would then need to meet with the co-signer to sign all of the documents for the bond. This would include bail contracts, disclosure statements, payment plans (if needed), receipts, and applications.

When all documents for the bail bond are signed and completed the bond agent would then proceed with posting the bond. After the bail bond is posted the jail can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours to release the defendant depending on what jail they are at.

For more information on posting bail bonds and about bail bonds please give us a call.

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