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The Costs of Jumping Bail

Posted by on January 30, 2015 in Bail Blog | 0 comments

     If you have ever been to jail, you should know the term bail. Making bail through a bail bondsman is one way to get released from jail until your court process is completed. When a judge sets bail there are many factors the judge reviews to set that amount. Factors including the nature of the charges, prior convictions, prior appearance rates, stability inside the community, and the flight risk. It is the responsibility of the bail bondsman to ensure the defendant appears at all of the court dates after bail is posted.

     When using a bail bond agent it will require some sort of collateral or co-signer to additionally take on the responsibility of the defendant showing up at court. The requirements are based off of the bail bond amount meaning a $500 bond will not require as much as a $100,000 bond.

     When our bail bond service gets notice that a defendant fails to appear in court, our first step is to reach out to the co-signer to go over why the defendant missed court. Many times there was a mix up in court dates in which our bail bond service will provide a consent of surety for the defendant to reinstate the bail bond. If the court refuses to accept this consent of surety, we have other options including walk through bonds. We can only do true walk through bonds for Denver and Adams County warrants.
Stress Cost of Jumping Bail:
     If a defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond agent could hire investigators (bounty hunters) to find the defendant. Other task forces could be searching including the marshals, local police, and depending on your charges, federal officers. Everyone the defendant has ever been associated with could be contacted about these charges about the location of the defendant. The DMV could suspend your license until the warrants are cleared, and your life could become very stressful.
Legal costs of jumping bail:
     Many times when a defendant fails to appear in court, the court can tack on additional charges which would mean more consequences for the defendant. There will be a warrant issued for the defendants arrest and warrants do not disappear, defendants will have to face the charges eventually. Plea deals that were once available to the defendant could disappear and it could mean a longer sentence.
Financial Costs of jumping bail:
     The co-signer who signed for the defendant to go to all court appearances could be out the entire bail bond amount if the defendant is not brought back into court or custody within a certain time frame. Including that bail bond amount, the co-signer could also be liable to pay for investigation fees, attorney fees, and any and all other fees the bail bond agent incurred because of the defendants failure to appear. This could mean thousands of dollars because the defendant’s actions.


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