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The Top 5 Bail & Bounty Hunter Movies

Posted by on February 18, 2015 in Bail Blog | 0 comments

You don’t see bail bond services in the movies to often, but bounty hunters have become hit roles throughout the production business. Here are my top 5 bail bond and bounty hunter movies.

5) Bad News Bears

Mac's Bail BondsMac's Bail Bonds

Chico’s Bail Bonds was made famous for sponsoring the little league team in the movie Bad News Bears.



4) The Rundown

Mac's Bail Bonds in Colorado

This movie featured a bounty hunter that was not capturing a fugitive for the courts, but the bounty hunter was paid to bring a son back to his father. As always, you don’t want to mess with The Rock.



3) Midnight Run

Mac's Bail Bonds

Midnight run featured a bounty hunter capturing a mob informant in order to testify in court. Robert De Niro is hilarious in this comedy.



2) One For The Money

Bounty Hunter Movie

Katherine Heigl is unemployed, just lost her car, and has no where to go except her cousin Vinny’s bail bond service to get a job. Her first assignment is to find an ex lover from back in high school.



1) The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

Gerard Butler (The Bounty Hunter) is assigned a case to find his ex Jennifer Aniston after she skips on bond. Gerard Butler runs into a couple bumps in the road while attempting to bring Aniston back. Funny comedy and is our #1 bounty hunter movie.