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What A Blog Can Do For Your Bail Bonds Website

Posted by on April 27, 2015 in Bail Blog | 0 comments

     Blogging has been a fantastic way for Mac’s Bail Bonds to connect to future and current clients updating them with current news, events, and information. The internet has become a fierce advertising method and Google seems to give a lot of credit to businesses that consistently have updated information and are active. This is why our team strives to add at minimum two blog posts a month that pertain to the bail bonding world.


Here are a few reasons that if you do not have a bail bonds blog for your website, you need to get one:


     Link building is a crucial part of a website and a websites online reputation. The more links that point to your website, the stronger reputation the website is going to have. Now be aware spam links can actually hurt your website, you want to build natural, good sourced links from other reputable websites, not the ones you pay for or comment spam.

     With a blog, the different topics you talk about will increase your chances of receiving links. Try to stay away from repetitive posts with duplicate content. Duplicate content can also hurt your website and once your website has been penalized, it is very tough to get it back where it once was.


Updated & Active Website:

     Having an updated and active bail bonds website tells search engines that your still around and are going strong. Search engines love fresh content and will rank fresh updated content above old out dated articles. Many times the content on the website pages do not change, that is why it is important to keep an active, updated blog.


More Keyword Rankings:

     Blog posts are not only user friendly, but they give the business many opportunities to rank for multiple keywords. Lets say your website was just focused on the keyword “Bail Bonds”, when blogging you can have articles regarding “Arapahoe County Bail Bonds“, “Aurora Bail Bonds“, or “Denver Bail Bonds” that all have chances of ranking for those keywords. Every person is different and someone might search differently to find a local bail bondsman.


More Chances To Rank:

     The more unique, fresh, and updated articles you blog about will give you more of an opportunity to rank for those articles. You have a higher chance of appearing on the first page. Now keep in mind you do not want duplicate content or a lot of the same articles. It takes me days at a time to research and think about my next blog posts.


Frequent Visitors:

     Giving clients, customers, and followers new information frequently will get them to keep coming back. The more clicks to your bail bonds website, the better your search rankings will become. Customers will want everyone to know about your fresh information and the more your website is shared, the higher potential for better rankings.


Social Media:

     Social media and your bail bonds blog go hand in hand. You can connect your blog to your social media account to quickly upload your published articles. This gives the search engines another resource to find when people search for your bail bond service. Social media also serves as another outlet for higher traffic and clicks to your website. You can promote your bail bond articles through social media.