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How To Post Bail Bonds

     If someone you know goes to jail, depending on what his or her charge or warrant is for will depend on the bond amount. Traffic offenses are How To Post Bail Bondsusually going to be smaller than felony charges, but when they get booked into jail is when we will know exactly what the bond amount is. In Colorado here are the different types of bonds that can be posted.

1) A Surety Bond

2) A Cash Only Bond

3) A Property Bond

4) A PR Bond (Personal Recognizance Bond)

5) And Lastly A Immigration Bond

Here are the explanations of the bonds that were previously stated:

1)      A Surety Bond can be posted with a bond agent. Depending on what the bond amount is will depend on what the bail bondsman will need in order to post the bond. What I mean by need is for every bond a bond agent writes usually needs a co-signer. This co-signer is ensuring the defendant will return at all of the given court dates set by the court until the judge makes a ruling. If the defendant does not show up to court, then the co-signer could be liable for the entire bail bond amount. For more information about this please visit our About Bail Bonds page.

2)      A Cash Only Bond will require you to put up the entire bail amount in cash to the jail/courts. Usually courts set these cash bonds for unpaid court fines, if the defendant has missed multiple times, and or if the charges are serious enough for a judge to require a cash only bond.

3)      A Property Bond is when someone who owns there house puts it up with the courts. The requirement I usually see for this process is that the equity inside the house has to be 1 1/2 times the bond amount. This process takes a few days and would mean that if the defendant fails to appear in court, the courts could use the equity inside the house to pay the bond amount.

4)      A Personal Recognizance Bond is when the courts let the defendant out on there own word stating that they will show back up to the courts without any needed supervision. Personal Recognizance Bond usually only happens if the defendant does not have any prior criminal history and the charges he or she is facing are not serious enough to keep them in custody. At times I see courts give defendants Personal Recognizance Bonds with release to Pre Trial. This would mean that the defendant would have to abide by Pre Trial regulations and monitoring while on bond.

5)      An Immigration Bond is required to be posted when ICE puts a hold on a defendant. This usually happens if defendants does not have the proper paperwork to be a citizen in the US or if the person is currently in the process of getting there paperwork. It is up to ICE at that point as to what they would want to do with the defendant.

For More Information about these bonds or the bail bond process please feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to explain.