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Need To Revoke a Bond?

Mac's Bail Bonds

      If you have posted a bail bond with our service, there could be a time when you get knowledge that the defendant you bailed out is not going to go to court. Instead of worrying about how you be able to pay the entire bail bond amount. You can revoke a bail bond.


1) When you get knowledge about the defendant that you bailed out of jail is not going to go to court, give our bail bond service a call right away.

2) We will ask you a couple questions such as, when was the last time you spoke with the defendant, do you want to revoke the defendants bond so you will not have to pay the entire bail bond amount, and so on.

3) If you want to revoke a defendants bail bond, there is a fee charged with doing so to pay the investigators, certification fees, and mug shot fees. This charges is usually 10% of the bail bond amount.

4) We will have the co-signer sign a request form and work with the co-signer to located the defendant and apprehend the defendant. The only way to get off the bail bond is if the defendant is returned back into custody with a certified copy of the bail bond.

For more information about revoking a bail bond or need fast assistance please give our bail bond service a call.