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Located in the heart of the Denver Tech Center (DTC) and is close to the

Arapahoe County Jail and Courthouse.

Address: 8400 E. Crescent Pkwy., Suite 681, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Phone: (303) 834-1184


Hours: Available 24 Hours a Day

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Everything About Arapahoe Bail Bonds

Arapahoe County is the third largest county in the state of Colorado. Inmates are coming into from all over Arapahoe County. This detention center is typically very busy with the volume of inmates being housed.

When posting bail bonds at Arapahoe, they require every bail bond agent to set an appointment. The Arapahoe bail bond appointments can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours out depending on how staffed and busy the jail is. Our bail bond agents will arrive at the facility approximately 10 to 15 minutes before the appointment.

Arapahoe County Bond Fees:

Filing fee per bond posted: $10.00

In order for our bail bond agents to post the Arapahoe bail bond as quickly as possible we set the appointment right when we meet our co-signers. This is so the defendant does not have to wait any longer in custody than they should. Our bail bond agents will verify the bail information over the phone to make sure we have the correct information. For more information on the bail bond process at Arapahoe visit the link.


What our Arapahoe bail bonds service offers:

– We have flexible payment plans for our Arapahoe bail bonds with approved co-signers.

– 99% of our bail bonds do not require collateral.

– We accept out of state co-signers through out fax bonds.

– Our bail bond service can complete bail bonds via fax or email.

– Our team of bail bonding agents have years of experience posting bail bonds in Arapahoe and working with the courts, jails, and law enforcement to assist clients.

– We ensure that when every bail bond is written, our co-signers know every part of the contract they are signing.

– We can meet our clients at our Arapahoe office or at the jails to speed up the defendants release time.

– And much more, click here for more information about our locations.


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Contact Information For Arapahoe County:

Detention Center Information: (720) 874-3500

Non Emergency Dispatch: (303) 795-4711

Internal Affairs (Complaints): (720) 874-4014

Records: (720) 874-3875

Tip Line: (720) 874-8477

Warrant Information: (720) 874-3925