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Aurora Bail Bonds Office

Aurora Bail Bonds Office

We are located in Aurora, Colorado and provide services to the Aurora Municipal Jail and Court House.

Address: 2950 S. Jamaica Ct., Suite 302, Aurora, Colorado, 80014

Phone: (303) 952-5099


Hours: Available 24 Hours a Day

Specialize in: Aurora Bail Bonds, but can post bail at every jail in Colorado.


What to expect when using our Aurora Bail Bonds service:

The Initial Arrest:

When the defendant gets arrested Aurora the officer will transfer them to the Aurora Jail. The Aurora Jail already has preset bail bond amounts set by the court based off of the charges against the defendant.

Booking the Defendant In:

Our Aurora Bail Bonds Service can speed up the booking process by calling the jail ahead of time to notify them that we are going down to the jail to post the bail bond. Booking at Aurora can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. During this time the defendant will be in a holding cell waiting to get booked into the system with all of their information, charges, warrants, and so on.

Aurora Bail Bonds Part 1:

The first part of Aurora Bail Bonds is when the bail bond agent gets that initial phone call. During this phone call the bail bond agent will go over with the caller the requirements of posting Aurora bail bonds. The requirements all depend on the bail bond amount but typically someone who is employed is needed to co-sign. Co-signing means that if the defendant fails to appear in court, the co-signer would be liable for the entire bail bond amount. The second part that is discussed on the phone is the premium fee for posting a bail bond. This fee all depends on the bail bond amount. On top of that Aurora charges a $50.00 filing fee per bond posted.

Aurora Bail Bonds Process Part 2:

After we have a qualified co-signer to sign on the bail bond, the bail bond agent will then notify the jail that they are heading down to post this Aurora bail bond. The Aurora bail bondsman will meet the co-signer at the jail to complete all of the paperwork. There are tables inside the Aurora Jail lobby to complete this part.

Aurora Bail Bonds Process Part 3:

Once all of the paperwork is completed with the co-signer and the jail has the signed appearance bond, power of attorney, and copies are received, the jail staff is now going to start processing the defendant out. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours on average. It all depends on if the inmate has been processed and how busy the jail is.

Now the defendant is going to be required to show up at all given court appearances until the bail bond is released. Failure to do this could result in the co-signer being liable for the entire bail bond amount plus additions expenses if necessary.

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Why should you use our Aurora bail bonds services? When selecting a bail bond agent you should always go with your gut feeling. When talking with the bail bond agent, did they seem professional? knowledgeable about the Aurora bail bond process? and so on. This is important because you will want to have a good relationship with your bail bond agent throughout your court process in the case you need a consent of surety, have questions, need your court date, and more. Are you selecting a bail bond agent based off of premium? Is your bail bond agent licensed? Is your bail bond agent over charging you? How long has your bail bond agent been licensed?

For More Info

When posting a Aurora bail bonds there are many factors that can effect the timing of a bond including: 1) The volume of inmates being brought into the facility. 2) How much staff is on hand for the jail to process inmates. 3) The amount of warrants and charges a defendant has. 4) The amount of bail bonds that are being posted at the facility. And many other factors. In my experience, Aurora takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours after the bond is posted to release the defendant. This depends on if the inmate has been processed through there system prior to posting the bail bond meaning if the defendant just got to the facility it will take longer than if they have been held there for a while. How Much Will It Cost? The price for a bail bond all depends on the size of the bond. Prices can range anywhere from $50.00 to 15% of the bail bond. The Aurora Detention Center charges a $50.00 filing fee per bond posted. To get an exact quote on the price please give our Aurora bail bonds service a call.
Our bail bond service is located at 2950 S. Jamaica Ct., Suite 302, Aurora, CO 80014. Our professional agents that post bail bonds at Aurora typically meet our clients at the jail to speed up release times. We are able to complete the paperwork inside the lobby while posting the bail bonds. This can speed the process up by hours. For more questions please give us a call at (303) 952-5099