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Denver Bail Bonds OfficeWe are located in the heart of Denver, Colorado a couple blocks from the Denver County Jail and Courthouse.

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What makes our Denver bail bonds service one of the top in the state?

Our service goes above and beyond for every client that calls. When calling our Denver bail bonds service you will be greeted by a professional agent that can walk you through the process of posting bail. Our agents have years of experience that allow us to know every part of the bail bonding system. We know it can be stressful and by knowing that our agents will work as fast as possible to get the defendants released.

For every bail bond posted through the city and county of Denver there is a $50.00 filing fee that Denver charges.



What else can we do for our clients?

– Court date reminders

– Payment plans for qualified customers

– On call 24 hour services

– Mobile services if needed to meet clients at the jails to speed up the process

– Agents with you during and after the bail bonds meaning if the defendant needs a consent of surety, our Denver bail bond service can provide them

– Specialized services that allows us to know tricks to speed up the process of a defendants release

– And much more



What is the process and timing of posting bail when your defendant is in Denver?

When a defendant gets arrested by the Denver Police Department they will be taken to the Downtown Detention Center in Denver Colorado. This is where the bail bond agent will post your bonds. It takes the defendant around 2 hours to get booked into the system for the bail bondsman to verify information.

After the defendant is in the system, Denver takes anywhere from 8-16 hours to run a defendants fingerprints. Denver has the longest fingerprint processing times in the entire state of Colorado and a bail bond agent is not allowed to post the defendants bail bonds until these fingerprints are 100% done.

Once the fingerprints are clear and the bail bondsman posts the defendants bail, on average it can take 2-4 hours for the defendant to get released. That makes the whole process a total of 12-24 hours to be processed in and out of Denver.


Denver Online Inmate Information:


Why do so many clients choose our Denver Bail Bonds service?

     Among all of the above listed information, we offer supportive environment for clients and defendants. Our entire mission is to get the defendant’s life back on track and the court process a thing of the past. We are here to answer questions regarding court dates, hearing types, bond processes, timings, warrant information, reminders, collateral, co-signing, and everything else that pertains to bail. Our Denver bail bonds service wants every client 100% satisfied with our services.


For more information about our Denver bail bonds service, please call: (720) 229-4407