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Terms While Posting Bonds

Terms & Definitions You Will Hear While Posting A Bail Bond


1) Bail BondTerms While Posting Bail Bonds

      This is a certain amount of money set by a judge to ensure the defendants return to court. A Bail Bondsman is the one who would post this.

2) Cash Bond

      This is a bond set by the courts that requires you to put up the entire bond in cash to get the defendant released from custody.

3) Property Bond

      A Property Bond is when you would put your house up with the courts to ensure the defendant returns at all of there court appearances.

4) Indemnitor

      An indemnitor is another name for a co-signer. This person is stating the defendant will show up at all of there court appearances or will have to pay for the bond amount.

5) Collateral

      Collateral is some type of object possibly being real property, personal property, chattel mortgages, and other stuff that is put up to secure the defendants court appearances. You get your entire collateral amount back when the bond is released.

6) Bail Contract

      A bail contract is a form that indemnitors sign to obligate the indemnitor to make sure the defendant goes to all of there court dates or be on the hook for paying the entire bail bond amount.

7) Disclosure Statement

      This form sums up all agreements made while posting the bond and makes sure that the co-signers know exactly what they are signing for in the bail agreement.

8) Payment Plan

      These are used when co-signers do not have the full premium amount and the bond agent and co-signer agree to a payment plan to pay off all remaining premium.

9) Jail Booking Process

      This is what every defendant has to go through to go inside of any jail in Colorado. They will run your fingerprints, name, and everything else while going through this process. It can take anywhere from one hour to 8 hours depending on what jail you are at to get booked inside.

10) Pre-Trial Release

      Pre-Trial Release is a secondary monitoring program set up by the state to track and monitor defendants while they are on bond. This could mean random checking, GPS bracelets, UA’s and more.

11) Revocation

      A bond revocation usually only happens if a co-signer is requesting to get off the bond due to the circumstances of the defendant not willing or not planning on going to all of there court dates.

12) Release Times

      After a bail bond is posted, jails can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours to release a defendant out of custody. It all depends on what jail you are in. County jails usually take longer than municipal jails due to the volume of inmates.

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