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What To Watch Out For

What To Watch Out ForQuestions to ask while posting bail bonds

When you are contacting a bail bond agent, make sure that you ask all of the following questions to make sure you are protected and will not get taken advantage of while posting the bail bond.

– Ask for there License number and then search the bail bondsman at this link:

– If a bail bond agent is charging less than most other bail bonding agents, it is just like anything else you buy, you get what you pay for. I have seen bail bonding agents revoke bonds out of no where because they do not have much money inside of the bond and it gives them more of a reason to get off the bond faster.

– To add on to that statement, a lot of the bail bond agents that undercut the industry will not be available for you throughout your court dates to provide consent of surety’s if needed or other documents.

– It is unlawful to charge for a consent of surety, so if your bail bonding agent is charging you for a consent of surety contact the Colorado Division of Insurance.

– When you meet the bail bonding agent, make sure they explain all of the documents you are signing. It could be very important if something were to happen to the bail bond and the defendant missed court.

– Always get copies of every document that you signed for the bail bond agreement and make sure you save those documents.


If there are ever any complaints about a bail bond agent please contact the Colorado Division of Insurance.